Backend Developer @ Integer Consulting



  • Carnaxide (Lisbon) - Preferencial
  • Porto/Maia

We are looking for Golang developers to integrate on our backend squads. Our goal is to find people who are willing to learn and who enjoy solving the kind of problems that arise in their day-to-day programming tasks, whether they are senior or junior developers.


The candidate will join a squad of developers and will be expected to be able to take a technical story or task which has been created by a Team Leader or a Solution Designer and implement it within our cloud-first infrastructure in a safe and timely manner. They will be responsible for writing the necessary code, writing the necessary infrastructure-as-code configurations, passing the code through the testing stages of the pipelines, getting the code through code review and, finally, deploying it to production, all using the CI/CD pipelines that are available for those purposes.

The candidate will be expected to participate in code review of their peer’s work and also to be responsive to their tasks being reviewed by the team, discussing issues that are raised and acting on decisions arising from that activity.

It is also within the responsibility of the candidate keeping up with the security updates and relevant updates/upgrades, suggesting upgrades or code re-writes whenever necessary.

Along with the code, the candidate is expected to deliver technical documentation of the work they produce and to always comply with Worten’s logging, metrics and reporting guidelines within their projects.


Knowledge or interest in the following domains are relevant to us, although a lack of knowledge in any specific area(s) is not a terminal handicap:

  • Golang 
  • Comfortable designing unit and integration tests
  • Relational databases — MySQL, Postgres
  • Non-relational databases — Redis, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch
  • Messaging systems — Kafka, SQS
  • Cloud services, specifically AWS — Lambda, S3, etc
  • Git, CI/CD systems, Docker
  • Event-driven systems
  • DDD or Clean Architecture
  • Actor Models, Sagas and Process Managers.

If you have the amazINg talent and want to be part of the INTEGER team, answer this announcement with your updated CV to [email protected] with reference Backendcandidate